Taste of India welcomes you to taste our exotic flavors with a few delicacies from North and South India. Most people have the misconception that India is very spicy, well it is spicy with degrees of hotness. At your request dishes are prepared from mild, to medium, hot, very hot and super hot. Each dish is individually prepared to your preferences to ensure freshness and quality.

Tandoori Entree

Especially from the northern part of India these entrees are prepared in a special clay oven known as Tandoor. Tandoor is a traditional charcoal fired clay oven shaped like a pitcher which retains the juices and flavors of meats and bakes them to perfection. India breads like Naan are also baked in the Tandoor giving them a distinct taste and flavor.

Your enjoyment and satisfaction in dining at Taste of India is our goal. So, sit back and enjoy our hospitality while dining with us.

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